Welcome to 2018- 2019 School Year

Welcome to Sister Taroub’s 7th grade (Course II)  and 8th grade (Course III) classes!

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Monday, December 24,2018 – Wednesday,January 2,2019: No School. Winter Break!

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 I hope everyone have a nice and warm break! May all your dreams for the coming year be fulfilled! Happy New Year!

Week 18: Monday, December 17,2018 – Friday, December 21,2018:

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Friday,December 21,2018: Early Release at 11:45 AM.

8th Grade (Course III): Monday Dec 17: Quiz lesson 3-1 Integer Exponents.

8th Grade (Course III): Tuesday,Dec 18: Quiz lesson 3-2 Properties of Exponents.

7th Grade (Course II): Tuesday,Dec 18: Test Chapter 11B Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities.


Week 17: Monday, December 10,2018 – Friday, December 14,2018:

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I hope everyone enjoyed their snow days, and DID THEIR MATH WORK!

Monday,December 10,2018: School will be closed due to inclement weather!

Tuesday,December 11,2018: School will be closed due to inclement weather!

7th Grade (Course II): Thursday,Dec 13: Quiz lesson 11.6 Solving Inequalities by Multiplying or Dividing.

7th Grade (Course II): Friday,Dec 14: Quiz lessons (11.4-11.7) Inequalities, and Solving Inequalities.


Week 16: Monday, December 3,2018 – Friday, December 7,2018:

8th Grade (Course III): Wednesday Dec 5: Quiz lessons (2.4-2.5) Functions, and Equations, Tables, and Graphs.

8th Grade (Course III): Friday,Dec 7: Test Chapter 2 Graphs and Functions.

7th Grade (Course II): Friday,Dec 7: Quiz lesson 11.5 Solving Inequalities by Adding or Subtracting.


Week 15: Monday, November 26,2018 – Friday, November 30,2018:

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break!

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Tuesday,November 27,2018: Second Quarter Interim Report Goes Home!

8th Grade (Course III): Friday,Nov 30: Quiz lessons (2.1-2.3) Ordered Pairs, Graphing on a coordinate Plane, and Interpreting Graphs.

7th Grade (Course II): Wednesday,Nov 28: Quiz lesson 11.2 Multi-Step Equations.

7th Grade (Course II): Thursday,Nov 29: Quiz lessons (11.1-11.2) Multi-Step Equations.

7th Grade (Course II): Friday,Nov 30: Test Chapter 11A Multi-Step Equations.


Week 14: Monday, November 19,2018 – Friday, November 23,2018:

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Tuesday November 20,2018, (12 Rabi ‘al-Awwal,1440): Mawlid al-Nabi peace be upon him.

Wednesday,November 21,2018 – Friday,November 23,2018: No School, Fall Break!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break.

8th Grade (Course III): Monday,Nov 19,2018: Test Chapter 8 Linear Equations.

7th Grade (Course II): Monday, Nov 19: Quiz lesson 11-1 Solving Two-Step Equations.


Week 13: Monday, November 12,2018 – Friday, November 16,2018:

8th Grade (Course III): Monday,Nov 12,2018: Quiz lesson 8.4 Point-Slope Form.

8th Grade (Course III): Wednesday,Nov 14,2018: Quiz lessons (8.1-8.4) Slope of a Line, Using Slopes and Intercepts, and Point-Slope Form.

8th Grade (Course III): Thursday,Nov 15,2018: Quiz lessons (8.5,8.6) Direct Variation and Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing.

7th Grade (Course II): Tuesday,Nov 13,2018: Test Chapter 3B Applying Rational numbers (Fractions).


Week 12: Monday, November 5,2018 – Friday, November 9,2018:

Sunday, November 4,2018: Daylight Saving Time ends. Don’t forget to set the clock back one hour. Hope you enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

8th Grade (Course III): Thursday, Nov 8: Quiz Lesson 8-3 Using Slopes and Intercepts.

7th Grade (Course II): Friday, Nov 9: Quiz lessons (3.5-3.8) Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, and Solving Equations Containing Fractions.


Week 11: Monday, October 29,2018 – Friday, November 2,2018:

7th Grade (Course II): Monday,October 29,2018: Test Chapter 3A Applying Rational Numbers (Decimals).
Week 10: Monday, October 22,2018 – Friday, October 26,2018:Monday, October 22, 2018: No School. Teacher Work Day!Wednesday, October 24, 2018: 1st Quarter Report Cards Go Home.
7th Grade (Course II): Friday,October 26,2018: Quiz lessons (3.1-3.4) Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing Decimals, and Solving Equations Containing Decimals.
Week 9: Monday, October 15,2018 – Friday, October 19,2018
Friday, October 19,2018: End of 1st Quarterend of quarter 1This Friday will be the End of the First Quarter. Any students who are having missing work, should turn in ALL assignments by Friday. NO work will be accepted after Friday.
8th Grade (Course III): Wednesday,Oct 17,2018: Quiz Chapter 7 Multi-Step Equations.8th Grade (Course III): Friday,Oct 19,2018: Test Chapter 7 Multi-Step Equations.
Week 8: Monday, October 8,2018 – Friday, October 12,2018:
8th Grade (Course III): Thursday,October 11,2018:Quiz lesson Lesson 7- 3 Solving Equations with Variables on both sides.7th Grade (Course II): Wednesday,Oct 10,2018: Test Chapter 2 Integers and Rational Numbers.Week 7: Monday, October 1,2018 – Friday, October 5,2018:8th Grade (Course III): Tuesday,October 2,2018: Quiz lesson 7-1 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions,.8th Grade (Course III): Thursday,October 4,2018:Quiz lesson Lesson 7-2 Solving Multi-Step Equations.7th Grade (Course II): Tuesday,October 2, 2018: Quiz lessons (2.1-2.5) Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Integers, and Solving Equations Containing Integers.week 6: Monday, September 24,2018 – Friday, September 28,2018:8th Grade (Course III): Tuesday,September 25,2018: Test Chapter 1 Rational Numbers.
Week 5: Monday, September 17,2018 – Friday, September 21,2018: Image result for early releaseThursday,September 20,2018: Early Release at 11:45 AM.Image result for come and meet teachersThursday, September 20,2018: Curriculum Night from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Please come meet your child’s teachers for the upcoming year and take a peek at your new classroom.Related imageFriday,September 21,2018: First Quarter Interim Report Goes Home!
8th Grade (Course III): Monday,Sept 17,2018: Quiz lessons (1.1-1.4) Multiplying, Dividing, Adding, and Subtracting Rational Numbers.
8th Grade (Course III): Thursday,Sept 20,2018: Quiz lessons (1.5-1.6) Solving Equations with Rational Numbers, and Solving Two-Step Equations.
Week 4: Monday, September 10,2018 – Friday, September 14,2018: 
7th Grade (Course II): Monday,September 10,2018: Quiz lessons (1.3-1.5) Variables and Algebraic Expressions, and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions.
7th Grade (Course II): Wednesday,September 12,2018: Test Chapter 1 Algebraic Reasoning.
Week 3: Monday, September 3,2018 – Friday, September 7,2018: 
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Monday,September 3,2018: No School. Holiday Labor Day!
7th Grade (Course II): Wednesday,September 5,2018: Quiz lessons (1.1-1.2) Order of Operations, and Properties of Numbers.
Week 2: Monday, August 27,2018 – Friday, August 31,2018: 

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Monday,August,27,2018: Fall Math Map Testing.

Wednesday,August 29,2018: Fall LA. Map Testing.


Monday, August 20,2018 – Friday, August 24,2018: 

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Monday, August 20,2018 – Friday, August 24,2018: No School.

Monday, August 20,2018: Day of Arafa.

Tuesday, August 21,2018: Eid Al Adha.


Week 1: Monday, August 13,2018 – Friday, August 17,2018: 

Monday, August 13,2018: First day of school!

Thursday, August 16,2018: Hajj fair.